Trail Brew is an Australian made carbohydrate & electrolyte formula to keep you performing at your peak


What is ‘Trail Brew’?

TRAIL BREW Electrolyte Endurance Fuel is a premium natural carbohydrate and electrolyte drink base using the flavour from real lemons, raspberry’s or our unflavoured ‘neutral’ version. All the carbohydrates and electrolytes you need!

  • 1 serve contains 100 calories and all the electrolytes you need - sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium

  • Dual carbohydrate content of Dextrose and Sucrose (both non-GMO) in optimal ratio

  • Each $35 resealable pack makes 37 serves of 100 calories (less than $1 per 100 calories)

  • Mild and refreshing flavour (avoid flavour fatigue!)

  • Made in Australia on the Gold Coast

TRAIL BREW’s formula complements rapid gut absorption to prevent stomach issues while performing at your peak. Rehydration is not only improved by using a balanced and essential ratio of electrolytes; the electrolytes can also help reduce fatigue and improve nerve function.

1kg Citrus 🍋 - a mild lemon flavour. Premixed, no hassle

1kg Raspberry - natural, not overpowering

1kg Neutral - unflavoured

Ready to shop?

Trail Brew has made a huge difference to my endurance running. Gives me energy, keeps me hydrated and keeps me going. Easy on the stomach and tastes great too. AND great value for money!
— C. Coventry (Adelaide)