Trail Brew is an Australian made carbohydrate & electrolyte formula to keep you performing at your peak!


Why ‘Trail Brew’?

It's dual carbohydrate formula of non-GM Dextrose & Cane Sugar (sucrose) complements rapid gut absorption to prevent stomach issues while performing at your peak. Rehydration is not only improved by using a balanced and essential ratio of electrolytes (Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium); the electrolytes can also help reduce fatigue and improve nerve function.

One of the most important factors long into your training or racing, Trail Brew has a mild flavour and is available in two varieties:

1kg Citrus 🍋 - a mild lemon/lime flavour. Premixed, no hassle & 1kg Neutral (unflavoured - be creative!)

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Spring Energy - the perfect complement

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Why ‘Spring’?

Food is a powerful source of energy - Spring took what is offered by nature and carefully crafted a line of nutrition products for endurance athletes. Founders Rafal Nazarewicz, PhD ( a sports nutrition scientist, ultra runner, and a health fanatic), and Adam Goleniewski (an entrepreneur, creative and a foodie) wanted to bring back the joy of training and racing without GI problems, sugar highs and dips and negative effects of low quality ingredients and chemicals.

Spring energy is a great option as a standalone energy source or a complement to Trail Brew in your events. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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