We have a true passion for trails... whichever way you take them


Ben Dennien (our first Brand Ambassador) is an adventure junkie. He loves running, far. Road, Trail, anywhere in the world, from an 8km around the block to 100miles in one go!

Troy (founder of Trail Brew) took up ultra running after a previous life first as a road cyclist, turned cross country mountain bike, turned road marathoner.

Simon Byrne trained with Trail Brew in the lead up to GNW100 miler this year (2016), and smashed out a huge PB to place 6th!

Trail Brew would eventually like to be able to support athletes, mid-packers and 'weekend warriors' - feel free to contact us (no guarantees!)


Brand Ambassador

Are you keen to be part of the TrailBrew team? Have you been using it in training and racing? Would you say that people listen to your advice and that you are a big part of an endurance community? Contact us below with a brief bio

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