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Not just for trail runners.

Trail Brew is perfect for all endurance sports

More is not necessarily better!

Electrolyte supplementation does not guarantee you will prevent cramps or avoid hyponatremia, and over supplementation is just as dangerous as none. We created Trail Brew with a balanced combination of Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium salts to replace the ions lost in your sweat. The choice of citrate salts is important as these aid in anaerobic performances.


Reduction of the body’s carbohydrate stores are the major causes of fatigue in prolonged exhaustive exercise. Supplementation using a carbohydrate electrolyte sports drink like Trail Brew will improve performance both in training and in racing.

More than just water

Optimal post-exercise rehydration requires both higher fluid volume replacement and sodium content compared with rehydration during exercise. Ingestion of plain water delays rehydration because it decreases plasma osmolality, reduces thirst and increases water clearance. Replacement of sodium lost in sweat is important in maximising the retention of ingested fluids


Been giving Trail Brew a good hiding during my sessions. I can't fault it! You're on a winner there guys.

Clint Kimmins (Endurance Athlete/Big Wave Surfer/Bondi Lifeguard)

Trail Brew has made a huge difference to my endurance running. Gives me energy, keeps me hydrated and keeps me going. Easy on the stomach and tastes great too. Great value for money!

C. Coventry (Adelaide)

Being a Type 1 diabetic ultra-runner I've had a lot of issues with hydration, until I came across Trail Brew. Since converting I haven't had one issue. Highly recommend!

Micheal Farley (Dalby Ultra-runner)

I used trail brew for WECH50 and a week later GC50. Never lets me down and keeps me moving all day.

Swainy (Gold Coast)