About Us

Troy Lethlean - (Founder) - Director / WholesaleTroy - Landsides UTA100


At the end of Ultra-Trail Australia 100km in 2016, I was acutely nauseous after consuming ‘sports’ drinks and gels all day. For the last 20km, I couldn’t stomach anything besides a few sips of water. As this was my first run over 50km I was oblivious to how common this experience was for others. After some research, I discovered that nausea was a common problem amongst endurance athletes, with nutrition being just one factor that can lead to its occurrence.

I found out that most sports drinks and gel/bar products are designed for general public consumption and could be used mainly for shorter events. These were way too sweet, nauseating if you are using them for more than an hour or two, extremely overpriced, full of fake flavours and colours and other unnecessary ingredients, and backed by unsubstantiated claims and misleading marketing. I wanted to develop something that I could personally use that was subtly flavoured, and only used simple yet effective ingredients. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about starting a business, but afterword of my drink mix spread I started buying ingredients in bulk and making it for others (does anyone remember the large 1.5kg brown bags with the tiny sticker?). Now, it is one of the most affordable alternatives on the Australian market, and the fan base is growing across all endurance sports.

Most importantly, Trail Brew is continually being shaped by your feedback, the community of endurance athletes, and we are constantly learning from the consumer experience and the plethora of scientific evidence, so you can be confident that it will be as good, if not BETTER than the other products out there.  Thanks for being part of the Trail Brew story. 

Regards Troy Lethlean

Darcy Swain: (Co-Owner) - Director / Marketing / Design
I’m a keen outdoor enthusiast / ultra-endurance athlete from the Gold Coast.  I’ve used Trail Brew Nutrition in training and races for a fair few years now and it’s never let me down!  I love the product and when Troy gave me the opportunity to come on board as a partner, I was pumped.  I’m excited to help shape the brand into the future and continue supporting the community with great-priced quality products.

We have some exciting things planned for the future that we can’t wait to share. Thank you for your support.  Regards Darcy Swain